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Random Squee

Pixel Love

14 August 1986
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a little about me
Hi! I'm Gel', a 23 year old river otter therian. I have a cat named Perry, who is the best most cuddly kitty in the world. I am a baby otter to TheGothicKitty and a playmate to Rethy. Because I'm autistic I tend to think younger, so my long term relationship with TheGothicKitty is in majority maternal, with about 10% lover.

I am a big fan of good art, anime, and books. I love horseback riding, swimming, and lazing in the sun.

I live in Ponce Inlet, FL, on the beach at the moment. I don't get out much, and I'm tired most the time.

Because of the time I spend around cats, I tend to emulate them, in noise and behavior. I like huggles and snuggles and purr meow.

I hope we can talk soon!