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Today in Progress

Today I woke up around noon, to harley davidsons. Bike week in daytona can be fun but not real conducive to deep sleep. When my article on the matter gets published I'll be sure to link it here.

Getting ready right away, I then headed out to Gamestop, where I got my Jirachi. I came home, (after stopping at 7-11 for a refill coffee) , only to my pleasure to find out that the pikachu colored pichu release was not only for European players like I had first thought.

So with glee I downloaded that. I spent the rest of the early day finishing my coffee, reading my daily webcomics, posting on Aywas, my favorite pet site, and contemplating a plan for Livejournal.

After finishing my coffee I ate some delicious fish, which was most delicious. Of course my mom complained about it stinking up the house but seriously it is just fish. And otter cannot live without much delicious fish.

Oh! News, kinda. My father got a new flatscreen tv, a very large one, with his tax return, so I'm getting the old living room tv for my bedroom, which will be a lot of fun playing games on.

There is one key flaw: I have nothing to put it on. So on the way home from picking up Jirachi we stopped at took a look at an end table at a thrift store. It looks like it should be just the right size, and about $40 total, well excluding tax.

Getting this end table should relieve me from having to move everything in my room around, and possibly tripping over the table they were going to use, as its very long and would block the doorway.

The bummer is, that my old tv, which I thought to save for getting an apartment with Lynn and Rethy, is going to someone else.

Admittedly I had kind of thought to do this on my own, but was wavering on it. But the decision was taken out of my hands, and I didn't get to look all giving when my dad decided it for me. :| I wanted to be major awesome. Lol.

We are giving it to Pat, my barber. She really deserves it, and the crappy TV she has in there is no good.

I finish this early day livejournal post with a fortune cookie fortune that I got a few days ago and saved because I love it:

"First they ignore you, then they attack you, then you win."

I must ponder what it may mean.

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