gelasia_kitty (gelasia_kitty) wrote,

Hi, I exist

I've basically decided that maybe its about time to forget the drama that livejournal gave me practically years ago.

Just because I had some arguements and it dealt some stress doesn't mean I have to avoid a whole site.

So I'm making a post. If I can keep up with it, expect a weekly post.

What is my life consisting of now? Lazy art, reading, watching anime, playing games.

Yea, being disabled is a boring life. You never really get out.

I've become a recluse since I moved to florida, pretty much.

I volunteer at the daycare at church, and enjoy doing it. It gives my life purpose.

I also may be volunteering at the special education sunday school, I'm still deciding on that.

Looking into volunteering at the marine science center.

Gotta keep busy, you know?

I've starting doing this Associated Content thing to bring in some pocket change. I really killed myself monetarily this month so I have to fix it.

But luckily at the beginning of the month I handed my mother $80 to hide from myself till the middle of the month.

This comes in especially handy as I have reserved HeartGold and owe about $10 before I can take it home with me.

Hoping to go out and pick up Jirachi tomorrow. Yey. Legendaries.

Uhm. Probably going to watch anime for a half hour then crash.

So, is anyone out there?
Tags: ramble, tired
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