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Chili Recipe

Now I'm basing this chili recipe off of JD's mothers recipe, and then taking her ingredients and finding substitutes, so most of the idea belongs to her.

What I used was - And this serves 2 people, so feel free to use more to serve more

A can of tomato soup.
A can of black beans.
Italian seasoning mix to desired flavor
Hot sauce to desired flavor (buffalo wing hot sauce)
Italian dressing to flavor (cuz his moms recipe uses vinegar and that was the closest I could find.)
1lb roll of ground turkey meat.
Onion powder to flavor.

Mix the can of soup, beans, italian seasoning, hot sauce, and dressing up in a big pot, and set it to cook on about 5-6. Mix it up good! But not so much the beans smash or anything.

For frozen turkey meat, defrost in microwave using default defrost settings, drain the meat of blood and stuff, grind up and cook in a pan, slowly adding onion powder. After cooking till its brown, drain the meat in a strainer, and add it to the already warm sauce/soup/bean mix. Add a little hot water if you need it thinner.

Ta-da! Chili!

Things to have on the side if you so desire? Cracker, shredded cheese, sour cream. Whatever you want.

I hope you like your chili. =3
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