gelasia_kitty (gelasia_kitty) wrote,

Fff what a slow day.. @_@

Its storming, and raining, and the pressure of the clouds makes me want to stay in bed all day.

Ah well, can't do that, because at some random point in the day we will have relatives arriving. Except they didn't tell us when. And they haven't called, unless this call is them, and if thats them then that would be nice.

My day consisted of checking webcomics, eating a tv dinner, and contemplating playing yoshi's story again. Since I beat it last night, and that was yay. Maybe I'll play monster rancher 3. I'm saving up gold for my next monster.

I watched a scary movie last night, a mature cartoon, a cartoon version of Dante's inferno. It was creepy and very deep, but it was kind of addicting to watch because you wanted to know what would happen.

I know a lot of people are familiar with the book, as thats where the theories of the 9 circles of hell come from. Or was it 7? Thats what I get for watching a movie when I'm half asleep and typing an LJ when the storm is fogging up my head.

It seems that this is in fact my relatives getting here, so I should like, get up and clean my plate from my tv dinner.

Well, I'm just blathering, hope to hear a hello from you.

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